Background Check and/or Drug Screening
Needed for Clinical Experiences

Due to the requirement by Clinical Sites in Connecticut for students to have completed a Background Check and/or Drug Screen PRIOR to beginning a Clinical/Internship Experience, your school has partnered with The Connecticut Center for Nursing Workforce, Inc to coordinate these services.

Processing of a Background Check for your Clinical/Internship Experience will be conducted by Employers Reference Source, Inc. (ERS). Due to the confidentiality of the data, you will need to provide, DO NOT USE YOUR PHONE to register for the Screening. No REFUNDS will be provided if you get dropped during the Registration Process.

The following services and databases will be utilized by ERS to process your Background Check Screening:

  • Social Security Number Verification
  • Statewide Criminal Search in the State of Connecticut
  • Federal Criminal Search
  • OIG - Office on Inspector General
  • Homeland Security Search

The Background Check will cover all states and residences in which you have lived, as well as current residence and school location. The Background Check will take 10-14 Business days to conduct from the day of registration and receipt of payment.

Processing of the 12-Panel Drug Screening will be conducted by QUEST Laboratories and your Schools will provide you with the paperwork needed to bring to the laboratory once your registration and payment has been processed by The Connecticut Center for Nursing Workforce, Inc.

The Connecticut Center for Nursing Workforce, Inc requires your authorization to release Employers Reference Source and CCNW from any and all liability for damages arising from the investigation and disclosure of the requested information. Further, it releases and discharges all liability from all companies, agencies, officials, officers and employees and other persons, who, in good faith, provide Employers Reference Source the above-mentioned information as requested, in order to successfully complete a background investigation.

For questions, please contact Anne DePalma at

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The fee for the background check service is payable by credit card. Questions? Contact CCNW
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